This page contains connections to Web Pages that I have found and enjoyed. An image that appeals to one person may or may not appeal to another. The key to inclusion here is simple: I personally like the black and white images that are to be found on these pages. Some of these folks are well known, others are not, but in all cases I have found the images produced by these photographers (or at least a strong majority of the images on a given site) to resonate with what I like to look at. You can make up your own mind. As time passes, additional sites will be added here. The emphasis is on currently active photographers, but a few sites relevant to others, including photographers no longer with us, are listed.

Please note that the photographs shown on the links are generally copyrighted by the various photographers and in all cases all rights to reproduction in any form are reserved by the photographer.

Links to Black and White galleries:

Mario Abbatepaolo - A gallery that contains numerous seascape images with a very quiet and peaceful, and occasionally somber, mood.

Bruce Barnbaum - A gallery of landscape images with an empahsis on the west and the natural environment as well as the man-made environment.

George Barr - A variety of images, notably abstracts and other images from the natural environment and interesting compositions drawn from industrial contexts.

Howard Bond - An interesting gallery of landscape with some geometric images.

Paul Butzi - An eclectic range of images exists on this site; the link is to coastal scenes from the Pacific northwest.

Chris Cline - Works in the west with an apparent emphasis on small-scale detail in the natural and man-made environment.

Fabfotos - Fine Art Photography Directory - A site with a number of links to nice quality photography gallery web pages.

Chuck Farmer - A large format photographer with an eclectic range of photographic images.

Chip Forelli - A site with black and white images that in Chip's words "suggest and emptional response." I find these images at once simple, yet wonderfully complex.

Rob Gray - An Australian with a strong emphasis on landscape photography. Rob's site also includes a listing of black and white landscape links to sites he likes. These links have commentary.

Roy Harrington - Much of the subject matter is from the American west. Roy's site includes links to web pages he finds attractive.

Don Kirby - Scenics from the American west, including Anasazi ruins, and the northwest, especially the wheat-growing regions of Washington state.

Rhea Malinofsky - Traditional black and white photography produced with a fine eye for composition, and with a pleasing emphasis on the abstract and detail in many of the images.

Lynn Radeka - Large scale scenincs from the American west and ghost town photography. This site is a bit slow to load, but to me the wait is well worth it.

Ron Rosenstock - To me, Ron's work has a subtle touch that is not common. His use of light is interesting.

John Sexton - Prints that glow. The landscapes are especially appealing.

Stan Sherer - Stan's work is relatively broad, including landscapes (large and small) as well as photography of people in their natural environment.

Aaron Siskind - A collection of Siskind's works, including many examples of his abstract images. The site is rather slow to load.

Frank Spadarella - Black and white photography, some with an abstract nature, created by a very good eye. But, you might want to turn off the sound.

Cole Thompson - An eclectic collection of fine black and white images, some with an abstract nature, created with a fine sense for the use of light and composition.

Jeremy Turner - Landscape, wilderness and fine art photography in black and white and also in color, with an emphasis on Australia and New Zealand. In some cases maps that show location can be accessed from the photographs; a nice feature.

Brett Weston - The work of a towering figure in the history of photography. The site contains a periodically changing set of images of Weston's work. [New site 6/4/2003]

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