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Dr. Krista M. Harper

Ph.D. in Anthropology
University of California, 1999

Department of Anthropology
and the Center for Public Policy and Administration (CPPA)

mailing address
Dr. Krista Harper
Thompson Hall
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003

Phone: (413) 545-3412
Fax: (413) 545-2921

Research Interests

My general teaching and research interests include: environmentalism and other social movements, political culture, postsocialist societies, consumption and advertising, medical anthropology, food anthropology, and public health.I have conducted ethnographic research in Hungary, Portugal, and the United States. In past research, I have examined environmental activists over the course of the transformation from state socialism in Hungary. In another project I investigated the public health and environmental issues of Hungarian Roma (Gypsies).

Selected Publications

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