Ancient Buchan Tartan.

Although there may be some question as to what has been officially registered or has only been adopted, many books are finally showing a Tartan under the Buchan name (one indication that the book is current). Briefly, there is a District in the far western coast of mid-Scotland which is called Glenorchy. As was the custom, this District was in want of a Tartan to represent its townspeople, and for the purpose of obtaining this Tartan the McIntyre's were called upon to weave their magic. It is thought that the Cummings also resided in this area at one time, and that they adopted the District Tartan as well. As the Cummings moved about, and the Buchans became affiliated with the clan, they also adopted this Tartan.

Reproduction Buchan Tartan.

Regardless of a variance in colors, a Tartan is first recognized by its own particular SETT - the thread count and pattern of each color. Using the same SETT, it is possible to darken the dyes to make a plaid of Ancient Colors, or otherwise change the colors for Dress Tartans, Hunting Tartans, Modern Tartans and so on.

Modern Buchan Tartan.

The design of the Scottish tartan consists of a sequence of colored stripes of various widths, starting at the edge of the cloth and running its full length. Next to this, the same sequence is repeated but in reverse order - as though the pattern had hinged over along the edge. The sequence continues repeating and reversing, and the edges at which the sequence hinges are called the pivots (which are themselves NOT doubled).

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