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Richard S. Bogartz

Professor of Psychology

Department: Department of Psychology, University of Massachusetts
Voice Phone Number: (413) 545-0440
Fax Phone Number: (413) 545-0996

E-mail Address: bogartz@psych.umass.edu

Postal Address:

I am a member of the University of Massachusetts community.

Recent Publications:

 Fraction Mountain contains 40 lessons on fractions embedded in a fantasy adventure taken by three children. It will benefit students, teachers, and parents interested in learning or teaching fractions. To purchase Fraction Mountain at the best price go to www.FractionMountain.com. To browse the book, use the browser at Amazon.com.

 The paper "On pooling error terms." is unpublished. It shows why pooling within-Ss error terms is a mistake.

The paper "Interrater Agreement and Combining Ratings" is also unpublished. It is a methodological gem and will be helpful anytime agreement of multiple raters is being considered.

Work in Progress:

Algebra Mountain. The three children return to the mountain to learn Algebra. 



CASA appointment. In October, 1999, I completed training as a Court Appointed Special Advocate and was sworn in as a CASA at the Franklin County Juvenile Court on October 19, 1999.



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