Modeling Microbial Inactivation, Survival and Growth Using Excel*

For more information see: Peleg, M. 2006. Advanced quantitative microbiology for food and biosystems: Models for predicting growth and inactivation. CRC Press, Boca Raton FL. (Click to download a 452K PDF file containing contents description.)

Real-time generation of microbial inactivation/survival curves

Real-time generation of microbial cells' survival curves during pasteurization (2 workbooks).

Real-time generation of bacterial spores' survival curves during sterilization (4 workbooks).

Real-time generation of microbial survival curves during disinfection with a volatile chemical agent (2 workbooks).

Generation of microbial growth curves

Generation of non-isothermal microbial growth curves having a long lag period (model A, 2 workbooks).

Generation of non-isothermal microbial growth curves having a short lag period (model B, 2 workbooks).

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Content last updated: June 1, 2006