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I am a first year PhD Student at Umass Amherst, working with Dr. Yuriy Brun at the Laboratory for Software Engineering Research (LASER). My research is focused in two areas - the first is using machine learning in combination with theorem prover tools such as Coq to automate proof synthesis, with the aim being to create tools to aid in proving software correctness. The second area of my research is in the impact of visualization and text explanations on user trust in machine learning models, particularly when those models are discriminatortory. Before coming to UMASS, I worked for six years in industry as a Cyber Research and Innovation Engineer. I received my Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from Boston University in 2015 and my MS in Computer Science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 2018.


Passport: Improving Automated Formal Verification Using Identifiers
Alex Sanchez-Stern*, Emily First*, Timothy Zhou, Zhanna Kaufman, Yuriy Brun, and Talia Ringer.
Will appear in TOPLAS 2023

PRoofster: Automated Formal Verification
Arpan Agrawal, Emily First, Zhanna Kaufman, Tom Reichel, Shizhuo Zhang, Timothy Zhou, Alex Sanchez-Stern, Talia Ringer, Yuriy Brun.
Will appear at ICSE 2023 (demo track)