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This first large-scale Chandra survey of the Galactic center region consists of 30 spatially-overlapped observations with exposure of about 11 ksec each. All these observations were taken in July, 2001. The arc-second spatial resolution and sensitivity of this survey is more detailed and complete by nearly two orders of magnitude than previous imaging in the 1-10 keV range. The survey allows, for the first time, a clean separation of the diffuse and point-like components of the X-ray emission, leading to a comprehensive characterization of high-energy activities in the region.

Press coverage:

Press Conference Presentation during the AAS meeting (12:30AM, Jan. 9, 2002)

Answers to frequently asked questions about the work 

Images of the Galactic Center Region

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Newspaper: New York Times, LA times, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune (front page),  USA Today, ... and many international papers (e.g., Australia Herald Sun)

Magazines: US News, Scientific American...

Network news: MSNBC, ABC/Associated Press, CNN, ...


"A Faint Source Origin for the Highly Ionized Iron Emission from the Galactic Center Region", Q. Q. D. Wang,   E. Gotthelf, & C. C. Lang, 2002, Nature 415, 148

A Nature news and review article by Andreas Eckart on the results

An updated version of the paper can be found at

A poster presented by C. Lang, D. Wang, E. Gotthelf at the AAS meeting can be found here

A poster presented by E. Gotthelf, D. Wang, and C. Lang  at the AAS meeting can be found here

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