PHYSICS 813      Particle Physics II      SPRING 2003

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Announcements:  Make-up class is scheduled on Monday March 3, 1:00-2:00 pm.

Title : Z Boson Decay
Detector : SLC Large Detector
Picture from Stanford Linear Accelerator Center


PHYSICS 813 is an advanced course in elementary particle physics. The course covers the structure and dynamics of the Standard Model, including the underlying symmetries of the theory. Emphasis will be placed on phenomenology. Special topics include precision tests of the theory, CP violation, and the recent discovery of neutrino mass.

PREREQUISITES:  PHYS 714 [Introduction to High Energy Physics] OR PHYS 811 [Quantum Field Theory]


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Useful references

Lecture notes will be provided. There is no single textbook that covers all the course material. However, there are a series of excellent reference texts covering some of the specific course topics:

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