Current Research

CERN and the LHC

These years have been a very exciting era for particle physics with the construction, startup and running of the highest energy accelerator in the world. The LHC has given experimentalists access to energies that have never been explored before. We are eagerly looking forward to collecting more data in the coming years to search for new physics that could help answer important questions about the mechanism that gives rise to the observed light Higgs boson mass and the nature of dark matter. We also work on upgrades to the muon detectors in order to be able to collect more data in the future.

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New Small Wheel Upgrade

We are focused on firmware development and hardware testing of the trigger processor boards for the New Small Wheel (NSW) scheduled for installation in 2020. In the past we also worked on the Micromegas detector's digitization and trigger simulations.

Search for Exotic Higgs Boson Decays

We are performing some of the first dedicated searches for decays of the Higgs boson to a pair of new spin-zero particles that subsequently decay to b-quarks, muons and taus.

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R&D for the Muon Readout for the ATLAS Phase-II Upgrade

We are designing new electronics to collect the data from the muon drift tube chambers (MDTs) and send it to the trigger and readout. The installation of the Phase-II upgraded electronics is expected around 2025.