Past Projects

CMS Experiment

On the CMS experiment (2011-2014), worked on searches for signatures of new Supersymmetric particles, on the pixel upgrade and the beamspot measurement.

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Stop Searches

We did the first dedicated searches for SUSY top quark partners using CMS data. These analyses are sensitive to top squarks with masses interesting range for natural SUSY models.

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Forward Pixel Mechanics

The CMS forward pixel detector upgrade project will replace the current forward pixel detector in 2016. The mechanical support structures using advanced carbon materials and the cooling based on two-phase CO2 are some of the innovative ways that the detector will reduce the amount of material and improve its performance.

Luminous Region, Beamspot

The measurement of the luminous region, where the LHC beams collide using reconstructed tracks and vertices, is important for the alignment and calibration of the detector. It also provides feedback to the LHC.

Previously on the ATLAS Experiment

On the ATLAS experiment (2006-2011), worked on measurements of the inclusive W boson cross section and the construction, commissioning and integration of the Monitored Drift Tube chambers (MDTs). ATLAS Thesis Award 2011.

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