Tongping Liu
Assistant Professor
Department of Electric and Computer Engineering
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Email: tongping AT umass DOT edu
Office: KEB 309J

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Ph.D. Course Requirements for students with a master degree

They need to take 3+1 or 4+0 from EE Core or CSE Core as listed in the following (copied from Qulification Policy).

EE Core:
1. ECE 603: Probability and Random Processes (Fall)
2. ECE 606: Electromagnetic Field Theory (Fall)
3. ECE 609: Semiconductor Devices (Spring)
4. ECE 608: Signal Theory (Spring), OR ECE 604: Linear Systems (Fall):
No more than one of these two will count.

CSE Core:
1. ECE 665: Computer Algorithms (Spring)
2. ECE 658: VLSI Design Principles (Fall)
3. ECE 668: Computer Architecture (Spring)
4. COMPSCI 677: Operating Systems (Spring), OR ECE 671: Networking (Fall):
No more than one of these two will count.

Ph.D. Course Requirements for direct Ph.D.students (no master degree when admitted)

Students need to take an additional 4 graduate courses (600 level or higher), beyond the four core courses.
These additional 4 courses may take from ECE or other areas (e.g. Maths, Computer Science). But if a student wants to take courses from other areas, he/she will need the permission from the advisor.