Tongping Liu
Assistant Professor
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Email: tongping AT umass DOT edu. Phone: 413-545-0239
Office: KEB 309J

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Tongping Liu is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Massachusetts Amherst, and he is directing MASS Lab (Massachusetts Software Systems Research Lab). Before that, he has worked at Compter Science Department of UTSA for five years. He got his PhD from the CS department of UMass with Professor Emery D. Berger (the author of in 2014. He received his master degree from Huazhong University of Science and Technology and BS degree from Harbin Institute of Technology.
He worked in industry for many years before he joined the PhD program. During his PhD, he has interned in VMware (2009), Samsung Research (2011), IBM T.J. Watson (2012), Huawei US Research Center (2013), and NEC Labs (2014). His research tried to solve realistic problems and has made real impact on both industry and academia (evidence). He has been granted three US patents, and five patents in application. Industrial giants, such as Intel, IBM, SAS, MathWorks and Huawei, showed great interests on his false sharing detection technique. Mozilla and Atakama were intersted in his randomized memory allocators. His work can be checked at Google Scholar.

MASS Lab has 3-4 Ph.D. openings in Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 with the following research interests.

If you are interested in these positions, please send me an email with your resume and transcripts. Please include your experience of programming in your first email. Find more information about DEADLINE, English Requirements, Course Requirements, and Qualification Policy. For application, you can choose "Communictns, Network & Sys Mdl" as the research direction, and mention my name in your research interest inside your personal statement.

Research Interests

Tongping Liu is interested in the security, performance, and reliability of software systems, especially with the following focuses: Note: 7 papers (marked as red) are published in prestigious venues choosen by CSRankings (4 papers in the optional list), and 11 papers (all red ones and blue ones) are classified as A and 3 papers are ranked as B in CCF's ranking.
Our research is generously supported by:

Recent News

08/2020: Watcher is accepted to OOPSLA. Congratulations to Hongyu!
08/2020: Prober is accepted to ASE. Congratulations to Hongyu!
01/2020: Welcome the joining of Xin Zhao and Jin Zhou.
08/2019: I moved to University of Massachusetts Amherst.
05/2019: Congratulations to Hongyu and Sam for defending their thesis successfully!
10/2018: Causer is accepted to CGO. Congratulations to Hongyu and Sam!
08/2018: Invited to serve at PLDI'19 External Review Committee.
07/2018: Sampler is accepted by Micro'18. Congratulations to Sam and Hongyu!
06/2018: SPX grant (around $500,000) proposal is funded by NSF. Many thanks to NSF and Bo Wu.
05/2018: Guarder is accepted by USENIX Security 2018. Congratualations to Sam and Hongyu!
02/2018: iReplayer paper is finally accepted by PLDI 2018 after many years of work on it. Congratualations to Hongyu and Sam!
12/2017: Our research about secure allocator got the Mozilla Research Grant, thank Mozilla for the support. Our target is to get our allocator to be used by FireFox!
10/2017: The paper "A User Space-based Project for Practicing Core Memory Management Concepts" is accepted by SIGCSE 2018. Congratulations to Sam and Corey!
09/2017: Congratulating Sam and Hongyu for getting Carlos Alvarez Graduate Fellowship!
08/2017: FreeGuard paper is accepted by CCS 2017. Congratulations to Sam, Hongyu and Corey!
07/2017: UnDead paper is accepted by ASE 2017. Congratulations to Jinpeng, Sam and Hongyu!
05/2017: Corey Crosser graduated and will join West Point (United States Military Academy) as an instructor in EECS department!
05/2017: Jinpeng successfully defended his master thesis!
01/2017: SyncPerf paper is accepted by EuroSys 2017. Congratulations to Mejbah!
02/2016: One sole-PI grant (CRII) is awarded.
01/2016: Sam Silvestro (Ph.D.) joined the lab.
12/2015: DoubleTake paper is accepted by ICSE 2016
11/2015: Cheetah paper is accepted by CGO 2016
08/2015: Dr. Liu got the Google Faculty Awards
08/2015: Hongyu Liu and Jinpeng Zhou joined the lab.
04/2015: FORSEER paper is accepted by ICDCS 2015.


I am currently working with the following students:
Ph.D. students:
Hongyu Liu    (09/2015 -- 12/2019), Intern at Alibaba DAMO Academy

Sam Silvestro (01/2016 -- 08/2019): First Employment--Practice of Professor at University of Texas at San Antonio

Masters: Jinpeng Zhou, Corey Crosser

Other mentored students (Project, REU, independent study): Mohammad Mejbah ul Alam // Javier Guzman, Al Amin Hossain, Bharadwaj Prabhala, // Zachary Rodriguez, Danny Tsang, Charles Dix, Riley Marfin, Kyle Haley, Joseph Rocha,


Program Committee: PPoPP 2015 (ERC), ICCCN 2015, ICPADS 2016, ICCCN 2016, ICSDE2017, COMPSAC 2018, TrustCom 2018, SETTA 2018, PLDI 2019 (ERC), ISMM 2019
Reviewer: Journal of Systems and Software, Journal of Computational Science, NCS17, CCGrid 2017, TDSC, TPDS, IJICT, TCC, TC, ICDCS 2013, Middleware 2013, ICDCS 2014