University of Massachusetts, Amherst ·

Hi, I am Thai. I am interested in usability and experience of products via different human senses (especially touching, voicing, and hearing) and application of coding into human’s well-being.


University of Massachusetts, Amherst · College of Information and Computer Sciences, Member of Commonwealth Honors College

Bachelor of Science
Double Major - Computer Science (B.S)
and Bachelor’s Degree with Individual Concentration: User Experience Research (B.A)
August 2018 - May 2022 (Expected)


Undergraduate Course Assistant

UMass Amherst

COMPSCI 121: Introduction to Computing - Java
Facilitated lab sections, held exam reviews and other workshop sessions, assisted students in acquiring knowledge, and graded student’s work. Received positive reviews from Teaching Assistants and students.

January 2020 - current

Software Engineering Intern (Remote)

Applied financial knowledge to create and get published Python API for fetching data and successfully using Tkinter Python and SQL to write an app for connecting user’s interface and SQL data. Scrapped website for displaying stock information from Excel and csv format.

July 2020 – August 2021,
December 2020 - February 2021

Lab Member

Assisted lab researchers with researching tasks (collecting, analyzing, sorting data, reviewing peer papers), attended lab meetings and readings on computing for social good, data visualization, and human-computer interaction. Currently doing research in data visualization for general public.

September 2019 – January 2020,
November 2020 - current

Deployment Intern

Viet Systems VSYS

Involved in the deployment department where everyone is applying the mechanical language that the start-up company creates and is developing. Worked with electronic devices (light bulbs, light switches, LCD screen, card reader, …) and voice bots, writing programs to integrate them in realistic situations and applications.

January 2019 - May 2019

Course Designer

Amherst Regional High School

Assisted Amherst Regional high school students in learning computer programming, Python, by writing the layouts and contents of the high school course, received positive reviews from supervisors.

January 2019 - May 2019

Head of Sponsor Relations


Led and instructed the team to search, reach out, meet and deal with sponsors, maintained contact with sponsors. In 2018’s event, held main responsibility for the sitting area of the auditorium with more than 1000 people at the main event.

June 2018 - August 2019

Highlighted Skills

Programming Languages & Tools (Mains)

Data Analysis and Visualization

  • Python

  • SPSS

  • Excel

  • SQL

  • MongoDB

  • D3.js

Design and UI tools

  • Figma
  • InVision
  • AdobeXD
  • Photoshop
  • Premiere
  • Audacity
  • Agile Development & Scrum


  • Agile Development & Scrum
  • Leadership and Project Mangement

Hightlighted Projects

Computer Science

Arduino Guitar
Relax App
Natural Language Processing on Clinical Data
Employee's Recognition Website

Visualization Research

Mapping the landscape of universal usability in visualization research: A survey of empirical user experiments

Social Science Research

Music is a gift for the soul, but have you ever wondered if our seeking and enjoyment for that gift is affected by friends and conversation around?

Awards & Certifications

  • Dean's List of Academic Excellence from University of Massachusetts, Amherst (from Fall 2018 to current)
  • Ho Chi Minh City English for the Gifted Contest (2018) – Second Prize
  • Le Hong Phong High School’s Science and Engineering Fair (2017) – Third Prize – Project named "System of Automatic Regulation of Rain and Sunlight Level for Domestic Plants"
  • Ho Chi Minh City Science and Engineering Fair (2018) – Second Prize