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Little Granite Cliff
Little Granite Cliff 2009
Walnut ink 6.5 x 11 in.

Willow Branch 2016
Woodcut 7 x 9 in.


Basin Approaching Storm 2005
Oil Pastel 6 x 18 in.

     Ever since I started painting in Greece in 1960, nature has always been my point of reference. I return many times to the same place-which is of course never the same- in order to get past the “look of the place“ to its essence and my response to it. I have worked in many media: oil pastel, oils, watercolor, walnut ink and monoprints. Each of these has very distinctive properties which lend themselves to certain subjects- sometimes the medium drives my choice of subject matter and sometimes the reverse.
     In these past several years I have been making woodcuts, a completely different process. In painting one creates the image by building up strokes of color on a blank canvas. But for a woodcut you carve away what you don“t want and what is left on the block becomes the printed image. It represents a total shift in my thinking and an exciting new direction.

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