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I work primarily in phonological theory and on the interfaces of phonology with other components of grammar. In recent years I have been pursuing my long-standing interest in the syntax-phonology interface, in particular as it involves intonation, and have been interested in intonation as it relates to meaning. Much of my work at the syntax-phonology interface has centered on the system of constraints for relating syntactic phrase structure to prosodic constituent structure, and on the interaction of these constraints with properly phonological constraints in determining the prosodic structure organization of the sentence. My recent NSF-supported research on the reflexes of Focus in phonology has led me to entertain the hypothesis that interface-induced Focus stress-prominence lies behind the full range of phonological and phonetic properties of Focus. The languages whose sentence phonology I have been exploring in greatest depth include English and Japanese. Some of my recent work at the morphology-phonology interface includes investigations into the phonology and morphosyntax of clitics and into the nature of affix classes. Over the years, my interest in the various interfaces has spun off into work on the theory of prosodic structure itself (feet, syllables, prosodic word, the various levels of phrasing), into work on the metrical grid, and into work in the theory of tone. I have also done research on the nature and organization of phonological features.

Articles and Book Chapters since 2000

(with Jonah Katz) Contrastive Focus vs. Discourse-New: Evidence from Phonetic Prominence in English, To appear in the December 2011 issue of Language.

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