Yalálag Zapotec Language Page

Background on the Yalálag Zapotec Language

1. The Yalálag Zapotec Language: Some Basic Facts

2. Literature Written in Yalálag Zapotec
  • Yuri Manolo Ortiz Chino (2017) "Hoichi Be'nnen Blallake Nhay."
  • A Note on the Orthography in "Hoichi Be'nnen Blallake Nhay"
  • Mario Molina Cruz (1996) "Ya'byalhje Xtak Yejé."
  • A Note on the Orthography in "Ya'byalhje Xtak Yejé."

    3. Some (Yalálag) Zapotec Resources on the Web
  • Article on Yalálag Zapotec (Wikipedia)
  • Article on Zapotec Languages (Oxford Encyclopedia of Linguistics)
  • Article on Zapotec Languages (Wikipedia)
  • 'Talking Dictionaries' of Zapotec Languages (Enduring Voices Project)

    4. Some Previous Grammatical Descriptions
  • Avelino (2004) "Topics in Yalálag Zapotec"
  • Avelino (2001) "Phonetic Correlates of Fortis-Lenis in Yalálag Zapotec Consontants"