Yalálag Zapotec Language Page

Class Resources

1. Resources for Examining Sound Files

  • Praat: Doing Phonetics by Computer
  • Audacity: The Free, Cross-Platform Sound Editor

    2. Resources for Transcription in IPA

  • Unicode IPA Font (Doulos)
  • Unicode IPA Font (Charis)
  • IPA Keyboard Layout (for Windows)
  • IPA Keyboard Layout (for Mac)

    3. Resources for Classwork

  • XML Template for Transcription
  • IPA Chart with Recordings of Sounds

    4. Resources on Fieldwork

  • The E-MELD School of Best Practices in Digital Langauge Documentation
  • Matthewson, Lisa (2004) "On the Methodology of Semantic Fieldwork."IJAL 70: 369-415
  • Newman, Paul and Martha Ratliff (2001) "Introduction." In Linguistic Fieldwork
  • Rice, Keren (2001) "Learning as One Goes." In Linguistic Fieldwork
  • Crowley, Terry (2007) Field Linguistics: A Beginners Guide. Oxford University Press