Kalmyk Language Page
Linguistic Field Methods (Linguistics 404)

Final Projects and Reports by Students

Tense & Aspect in Kalmyk (by Meg Bresnahan)

Word Order, Case, and Focus in Kalmyk Questions (by Seth Cable)

Experiencer Predicates and Mass vs. Count Noun Distinctions in Kalmyk (by Jenni Coppola)

Vowel Harmony in Kalmyk (by Matthew Frelinger)

Long-Distance Reflexives and Conjoined NPs in Kalmyk (by Ashley Lee)

Examining Morphological Causitive Construction in Kalmyk (by Nicholas Magnolia)

Habituals, Evidentials, and Passives in Kalmyk (by Lynnsey Molloy)

Conjunction and Disjunction in Kalmyk (by Kazuki Moriguchi)

Kalmyk Modals (by Haley Norris)

Recursion and Indexical Shift in the Kalmyk Language (by Tracy Preza)

Consonant Length Variations in Kalmyk (by Stephanie Sullivan)

Relativization in Kalmyk (by Abigail Williams)