Kalmyk Language Page
Linguistic Field Methods (Linguistics 404)

Recordings and Photos of Kalmyk Music Performance

Kalmyk language consultant Andrey Boskhomdzhiev demonstrating the Kalmyk dombr:

  • Andrey discusses the structure of the dombr and other aspects of Kalmyk music (5:51)

  • Dørβyt Tauʃur, "Doerbet Dancing Song" (1:30)

  • Andrey discusses Kalmyk 'Dancer Encouragement Songs' (0:58)

  • ʃaβaʃ, "Encouragement (of Dancing) Song" (1:22)

  • Andrey explains the words of the ʃaβaʃ (4:54)

  • Andrey discusses and performs (parts of) Kalmyk 'Long Songs' (5:44)

  • Maktal, "Praise (of Dancer) Song", in 'upper tune' (1:32)

  • Andrey explains teaching of Kalmyk music and other Kalmyk instruments (4:28)

  • [Excerpt from] The Ballad of Jangar Khan (2:19)

  • Andrey explains the Ballad of Jangar Khan (3:58)