Kalmyk Language Page
Linguistic Field Methods (Linguistics 404)

Background on the Kalmyk Language

1. The Kalmyk Language: Some Basic Facts

2. Kalmyk Resources on the Web
  • Wikipedia Article on Kalmyk Language
  • Cambridge University Kalmyk Cultural Heritage Page
  • Elena Indjieva's Kalmyk Pages

    3. Published Grammar Sketches
  • Blaesing, Uwe (2003) "Kalmuck." In The Mongolic Languages.
  • Street, John C. (1959) Structure of Kalmyk. ACLS.

    4. Technical Linguistic Articles
  • Knyazev, Mikhail (2015) "Verbal Complementizers in Kalmyk." In Proceedings of WAFL 9.
  • Ko, Seongyeon (2011) "Vowel Contrast and Vowel Harmony Shift in the Mongolic Languages." Language Research 47: 23-43.