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Dr. Ronald G. Labbe
Title:      Professor and Graduate Program Director
Specialty:  Food Microbiology
Office:     Room 342, Chenoweth Lab.
Off. Tel.:  (413) 545-1021
Lab(s):     Rooms 419  & 421, Chenoweth Lab.
Lab. Tel.:  (413) 545-1008 (4th floor corridor)
Research Interests:
Food microbiology. Food-borne disease agents. Bacterial sporulation and germination. Clostridial enterotoxins. Effect of natural products on food-borne pathogens.

Recent Publications:
Vattem, D., Lin, Y. T., Labbe, R. and Shetty, K., 2004. Phenolic Antioxidant Mobilization in Cranberry Pomace by Solid State Bioprocessing using Food Grade Fungus Lentis edodes and Effect on Antimicrobial Activity Against Select Food borne Pathogens. Innovative Food Science and Energy Technologies. 5: 81-91.

Seaberg, A., Labbe, R. and Shetty, K. 2003. Inhibition of Listeria Monocytogenes by elite clonal extracts of oregano (origanum vulgare). Food Biochemistry 17:129-149.

Labbe, R. 2003. Clostridia perfringens: occurrence, detection, food poisoning in Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition, 2nd Ed., B. Caballero, L. Trugo, and P. Finglas, (eds.), Elsevier Science, London.

Lin, Y.T. and Labbe, R. 2003. Enterotoxigencity and genetic relatedness of Clostridium perfringens isolates from retail foods in the U.S. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 69:1642-1646.

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