What Exactly Is A Mod?

Mod :

A mod (which is short for modification) is a change to a video game that either alters existing aspects or adds new aspects to game play. After modifying a game, the game may be slightly different or appear completely new—which is determined by what the user wants for their game. Users often mod their game for many reasons, including self-expression and preserving interest. Mod essentially means the game’s structure, code or syntax has been edited or changed ("What is Modification (Mod)? - Definition from Techopedia"). Mods are not exclusive to The Sims 4; many different video games can be modded. Modding is also accessible on multiple platforms (i.e. gaming consoles, etc.), though it is most frequently done on the PC because it has a better connection to the internet—which most mods are found on.




Word Origin:


According to Webopedia, “A person who mods a game is called a modder.” Mods are either created by people or downloaded by others. In the gaming community, the shortened word mod is generally used instead of modification. This allows mod to function as both a noun and verb; to mod (verb); mod(s) (noun).




There are various words that fall under the umbrella of mod. Some include:


Custom Content: Another word for mod. Custom content is used when discussing the community that people download mods from. In The Sims 4, custom content (cc) is furniture, hairstyles, clothing, etc. that is both created and downloaded by users. These are not usually mods that alter anything else in the game; they are purely for aesthetic purposes. “It is also essential to consider this custom content creation as a form of collective activity, taking place on the internet, largely based on the ideals of voluntary sharing of the offerings and distributing the code freely.” ("Players Unleashed! : Modding The Sims and the Culture of Gaming" 2011).


Game Conversion: These are the most common types of mods for all platforms and games, not just The Sims 4. These mods usually alter game play in favor of the user by adding new capabilities or play items (things that make the game easier). They can also alter game rules and mechanics, too.