User manual

The manual is in two sections, one for parallel theories and one for serial theories.

The parallel manual can be found here (PDF).

The serial manual can be found here (PDF).

Please note that the parallel manual has not been updated to reflect any changes accompanying the 2.0 update.

Sample files

Parallel OT/HG

OT-Help will read all your regular OT-Soft files.

You can also start with the file that is used in the examples in the user manual: manual.txt (right-click and save).

Click here for the files for this paper:

Serial OT/HG

The examples to go along with the manual are here.

John J. McCarthy has prepared example files (with accompanying textual explanation) for studying nasal harmony in serial theories. This should suit those looking for a gentle introduction to OT-Help 2.

Click here to download a .zip file with the OT-Help 2 input files for serial HG/OT mentioned in this paper: