Noah Constant

Noah Constant

  • Office Hours: by appointment, South College 303

Recent Talks

  • 4/7 Harvard Yenching Institute workshop: On the positioning of Mandarin contrastive topic -ne (Slides)
  • 3/20 MIT Colloquium: Deriving the Diversity of Contrastive Topic Realizations (Slides)
  • 2/22 Stanford Colloquium: Deriving the Diversity of Contrastive Topic Realizations
  • 11/13 Ling 730 Guest Lecture: The Prosody of English Contrastive Topic (Handout)

About Me

  • I’m currently in my final year of the linguistics PhD program at UMass Amherst. My research interests are in semantics, pragmatics, prosody, focus, and discourse particles. Recent topics I’ve worked on include contrastive topic semantics, focus movement, appositivity, and expressive meaning. Empirically, my research draws on large corpora, supplemented by context-rich elicitation. My dissertation looks at contrastive topic meanings and realizations, focusing primarily on English and Mandarin.

Recent Work


  • Spring '12: Ling 510 (Intro to Semantics) with Angelika Kratzer

  • Spring '11: Ling 201 (Linguistic Analysis)


  • A list of sonorant words ordered by frequency.

  • A ranking of countries by how many languages they represent.

  • The CMU Pronouncing Dictionary in IPA.

  • Linquiry, a tool for organizing linguistic data and discussion.