UMass Physics

ACFI Theory


Electric Dipole Moments Technical University of Munich Lectures May 2013; Part I: general considerations, Part II: baryogenesis implications EDM I, EDM II
Higgs Portal: Dark Matter, Phase Transitions & the LHC TUM & LANL Theory Seminars & Shanghai Particle Physics Working Group Meeting, March & May 2013 LANL & SJTU 13
Scalar Dark Matter & the Higgs Portal Snowmass Electroweak Workshop, February 2013 Snowmass EW 13
EDMs at Dimension Six Fermilab EDM Workshop, February 2013 FNAL EDM 13
Beta-Decay in Perspective FUNTRAP 2012, Weizmann Institute of Science, December 2012 Weizmann 12
Scalar Dark Matter, EW Phase Transition, & the LHC Triangle Nuclear Theory Colloquium, Duke, November 2012 TNT 12
Hadronic Light-by-Light and Muon g-2 Confinement X Munich, October 2012 Munich 12
Baryogenesis, CPV, & EDMs ECT* Workshop on EDMs in Storage Rings ECT 12
Scalar Dark Matter and the Higgs Portal SSNuDM School Shanghai, September 2012 SSnuDM 12
Fundamental Physics in 2022: A New Standard Model ? TRIUMF Summer Institute August 2012 TSI 12
The Intensity Frontier: BSM Physics and QCD Loopfest XI May 2012 Loopfest 12
A Strange Parity-Violation Duke Electroweak Nuclear Physics Symposium March 2012 EWNP 12
EW Phase Transition, Scalar Dark Matter, & the LHC Argonne HEP Division Seminar February 2012 ANL Feb 12
Shattering the Lavender Ceiling: Sexual Minorities in Physics APS Meeting February 2012 APS Feb 12
EW Phase Transition, Scalar Dark Matter, & the LHC U Mass Seminar February 2012 U Mass Feb 12
Beyond the Standard Model: The Particle Physics Frontier UW-Madison Colloquium February 2012 Madison Feb 12
Nuclear Science and the Intensity Frontier LBNL Nuclear Science Division Colloquium January 2012 LBNL Jan 12
Scalar Dark Matter, EW Phase Transition, & the LHC KITP-China Dark Matter Workshop November 2011 KITPC Nov 11
Baryogenesis: EDMs, B Mesons & the LHC Peking University Seminar November 2011 PKU Nov 11
Fundamental Symmetries of the Early Universe & the Precision Frontier U Mass Colloquium Fall 2011 U Mass Fall 11
Particle Physics with Ultracold Neutrons (and More) 8th Central European Seminar on Particle Physics and Quantum Field Theory Vienna Fall 11
Electroweak Precision Tests in the LHC Era 2011 Jefferson Lab User's Group Annual Meeting JLab Users 11
Scalar Dark Matter, EW Phase Transtion, & the LHC 2011 Shanghai Particle Physics & Cosmology Symposium Shanghai 11
Weak Charge Theory Mainz MESA Workshop 2011 Mainz 11
Electroweak Phase Transition for EWB: Progress & Challenges 2011 Weizmann Institute Electroweak Baryogenesis Workshop Weizmann 11
Recent Progress in Baryo/lepto-genesis 2011 Conference on Progress on Old and New Themes in Cosmology Avignon 11
EDMs, the LHC, & the Origin of Matter MIT Laboratory for Nuclear Science Colloquium: 2011 LNS 11
Hadronic LBL: Insights from Chiral Symmetry 2011 INT Workshop on Muon g-2 INT LBL
Fundamental Symmetries of the Early Universe & the Precision Frontier 2010 Physics Colloquium: Urbana-Champaign, Chicago, Argonne, Arizona State, Vienna Colloquium 10
EDM Searches & Their Cosmological Implications PSI Fundamental Symmetries Workshop (October 2010) PSI Fall 10
Sphalerons, Baryon Washout, and Gauge Invariance Workshop on Out-of-Equilibrium Fields in the Early Universe, Aachen, Germany (September 2010) Aachen 10
Fundamental Symmetries in Nuclear Physics: A Window on the Early Universe INT 20 Year Symposium (July 2010) INT 10
EW Physics at an EIC: BSM Physics & QCD EIC Electroweak Workshop, William & Mary (May 2010) W&M 10
EDM's & Fundamental Symmetries of the Early Universe International Workshop on Particle EDMs & Implications, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (June 2010) SJTU 10
Fundamental Symmetries & Neutrinos in Nuclear Science Informal Presentation to DOE-ONP (May 2010) DOE NP 10
Precision Probes of the New Standard Model: A Theoretical Perspective PSI Scientific Advisory Committee Annual Review (February 2010) PSI SAC 10
EDMs, the LHC, and the Origin of Matter Triangle Seminar (March 09) EDM LHC 09
Nuclear Physics and the New Standard Model Colloquia at U.C. Santa Cruz & Duke (Spring 09) Colloq 09
Minimal Elecroweak Scale Cosmology and the LHC Talks at Caltech, Berkeley, SnowPAC, Chicago, ASU, Perimeter, Nordita, Aspen (Spring & Summer 09) EW Cosmo 09
Precision Electroweak Physics and QCD at an EIC LBL EIC Workshop (Dec 08) LBL EIC 08
Baryogenesis, EDMs, & the Higgs Boson Fermilab Astrophysics Seminar (Oct 08) FNAL Astro 08
Parity-Violating Electron Scattering & the New Standard Model INT (Seattle) Symposium on PVES/Low Energy Electroweak Physics (Nov 08) INT 08
Nuclear Science & the New Standard Model Taiwan & TRIUMF Summer School Lectures (June/August 08) TRIUMF 08
Electroweak Physics at an Electron-Ion Collider ECT* (Trento) EIC Workshop (July 08) Trento 08
C,P,T & the New Standard Model Heidelberg Fundamental Symmetries Workshop (June 08) Heidelberg 08
Neutrons & the New Standard Model ILL Grenoble Neutron Workshop (May 08) Grenoble 08
Nuclear Science & the New Standard Model Brookhaven National Lab Physics Colloquium (Feb 08) BNL 08
Baryogenesis, EDMs, & the Higgs Boson Seminars: Michigan, Duke, Princeton, Taiwan (Winter-Spring 08) Taiwan 08
Baryogenesis, EDMs, & the Higgs Boson Bonn Seminar (June 08) Bonn 08
Bonn Colloquium (Fall 07) Nuclear Science & the New Standard Model Bonn 07
Higgs &  Baryogenesis Seminar
(Fall 07)
Baryogenesis, EDMs, and The Higgs Boson Higgs 07
Baryogenesis Workshop (Fall 07) Baryogenesis and Higgs Phenomenology KICP 07
DNP Meeting (Fall 07) Nuclear Theory &  the New Standard Model DNP Fall 07
International Nuclear Physics Conference (June 07) Nuclear Science &  the New Standard Model INPC 07
 APS meeting report on DNP 
(April 07)
Neutrinos, Neutrons, & FS Town Meeting APS 07
DNP Town Meeting
 Introductory Talk on Fundamental Symmetries Chicago Intro
Report to NSAC on DNP
 Neutrinos, Neutrons, & FS Town Meeting NSAC 03/07
Chiral Symmetries and Low Energy Searches for New Physics Plenary Talk at 2006 Chiral Dynamics Conference, Durham, NC Chiral 06
Fundamental Symmetries of the Early Universe 2006 Colloquium at Syracuse University SYR 06
Symmetries of the Early Universe and the Origin of Matter 2006 Baryogenesis Colloquium at Caltech CIT 06
 Low Energy Precision Tests of SUSY Jefferson Lab Electroweak Workshop, 2006 JLAB Moller
SUSY and Higher Twist in Parity Violating Deep Inelastic Scattering Jefferson Lab Deep Inelastic Workshop, 2006 JLAB PVDIS
SUSY Baryogenesis, EDMs, & Dark Matter: A Systematic Approach Talk at SUSY 06 Conference, Irvine SUSY 06
Future Directions in Parity Violation: From Quarks to the Cosmos Talk at PAVI 06 Workshop, Milos PAVI 06
Looking Through the Mirror: Parity Violation in the Future Invited talk at 2006 Spring APS meeting, Dallas APS 06
Nuclei as Laboratories: Nuclear Tests of Fundamental Symmetries 2006 RIA Workshop Talk
 Argonne National Lab
Nuclei & the Cosmos: Symmetries of the Standard Model & Beyond 2006 Nuclear Science Division Colloquium, LBL LBL 06
Sub-Z Supersymmetry: Precision Electroweak Physics Below the Z Pole. 2006 Version of my Colloquium SUSY Colloq 06
Electric Dipole Moments and the Origin of Baryonic Matter 2006 MIT LNS Colloquium LNS 06
Electroweak Baryogenesis and Electric Dipole Moments 2005 South Carolina workshop on theoretical problems in fundamental physics with neutrons) SC 05
Nuclei & the Early Universe: Looking Beyond the Standard Model Maui 2005 DNP Meeting, opening talk in mini-symposium on low energy tests of the Standard Model Maui 05
Probing the Fundamental Symmetries of the Early Universe: The Low Energy Frontier Plenary Talk, PANIC 05 meeting, Santa Fe PANIC 05
Parity-Violation and Strange Quarks: Theoretical Perspectives 2005 Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration Meeting Hall A 05
Sub-Z SUSY Supersymmetry in low-energy precision electronweak processes: general seminar Sub-Z SUSY
Electric Dipole Moments and the Origin of Baryonic Matter General seminar EDM - BAU
Parity-Violation with Electrons: Theoretical Perspectives Invited talk at PAVI 04 Workshop on parity-violating interactions, Grenoble PAVI 04