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Me speaking at 2006 New England Political Science Association meeting



I am interested in understanding what conditions and factors facilitate or inhibit international cooperation among states, among states and non-state actors, or among nonstate actors. Some of my more recent papers are accessible on-line from the research page.


I teach a range of courses in our undergraduate and graduate programs. Some have their own websites:

Political Science 294p, Making a Global World 1500-2000 (spring 2007)

Political Science 356, International Law (fall 2006)

Political Science 399 Writing in Political Science (fall 2006 and spring 2007)

Notes and Resources

Here you will find links to websites I find useful in my research and teaching, and to various pieces of advice about studying, doing research, and organizing your career.


An electronic "commonplace book" of pictures I've taken and quotes that I like.