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Rules of Law and Contemporary Arab Politics

The King's Dilemma Resolved? How Ruling Monarchs Endure in the Middle East

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"The Legal Regulation of Migrant Workers, Politics and Identity in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates." Mehran Kamrava and Zahra Babar, eds. Migrant Labor in the Persian Gulf (Columbia/Hurst, 2012).

"National Security and the Legal Status of Migrant Workers: Dispatches from the Arab Gulf." Western New England Law Review. (September 2011)

"The Wrong Friends." Boston Globe. (January 2011)

"The Importance of Being Quasi-Democratic - the Domestication of International Human Rights in American and Arab Politics." Victoria University of Wellington Law Review. (2007)

"Humane wars? International Law, Just War Theory and Contemporary Armed Humanitarian Intervention." Law, Culture and the Humanities. (2006) 2 373-398

"Legalism Sans Frontières? U.S. Rule-of-Law, Aid in the Arab World." Carnegie Papers. (September 2005)

"Think Locally, Act Globallly? Cultural Framing and Human Rights." International Journal of Human Rights. (2003)