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Bertie Russell

Bertrand Russell:
Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy

In early 2009, I began a project to make Russell's Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy available free online. Kenneth Blackwell, of the Bertrand Russell Archives/Research Center, McMaster University, contributed to the project in a major way by not only error-checking the bulk of the edition but also comparing it against Russell’s handwritten manuscript, which turned up a number of errors in all previously published editions.

New corrections to the text (at least those of any significance) are marked in green in most of the editions below (except the .mobi version, which does not support color). The edition also contains a list of changes as an appendix. This is likely the most correct version of Russell’s book available anywhere. Nonetheless, if you discover any errors or additional discrepancies, please email me at

My version is available in many different sizes and formats. Most can be saved by right clicking on the link and choose “Save Target/Link as …”. The HTML version can be saved from within your browser when you navigate to it, or you can download the .zip file below.



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Bertrand Russell’s Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy is in the Public Domain.

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You may, and indeed are encouraged to, make use of any of the materials on this page in any way you like, without asking, provided you comply with the license above.

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