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Through the stories of six individuals from Germany, Russia, and Mexico, 1905 explores human interconnections and cultural tensions and meldings in rural Nebraska just after the start of the 20th century. The theme of immigrants creating a new sense of home and intersecting with other cultures to create a new kind of community is one that resonates today, in world that seems ever-changing, ever becoming more “global” and one in which technology has shifted and continues to shift the nature of human interaction and community. The play invites innovative theatrical choices in all aspects of production, and yearns for the broadest collaborative theatrical engagement, particularly in the use of a combination of live music and silent film.  The issues of technology and its role in communication and community are an entre for conversations about the role of technology in our communities today. 

director: Gina Kaufmann                              Performers:
Choreographer: Paul Besaw                                 dora arreola
Composer: Luis rodriguez                                     jonathan fielding               
FilM Makers: Elizabeth Wilda, Steve Wilda          sabrina gogan
scenic designer: Miguel romero                         jason lambert 
production manager: julie fife                           Matt Walley 
managing director: michael hoch                    Sarah Wiggin
stage manager: Melissa cleary-pearsonhttp://theatreanddance.arts.usf.edu/content/templates/?z=9&a=1472http://www.fieldingonline.com/http://theatreanddance.missouristate.edu/facultyprofile.asp?ID=39shapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2

Amherst residencies: August 15 - September 5, 2009 and January 2 - January 24, 2009

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