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John W. Moore (jwmoore@psych.umass.edu)

Ph.D. Indiana University, 1962

Dr. Moore has been a member of the faculty at UMass since 1962. He is currently a full professor in the department of Psychology, as well as an associated professor in the department of computer science. He has taught such wide-ranging courses as Learning and Thinking, Physiological Psychology, Conditioning, Brain Theory (team taught with Computer Science faculty), Theory of Tests and Measurement, and Statistics, to give just a sampling.

Dr. Moore has supervised 16 Ph.D. dissertations and 20 Masters theses (or equivalent) and has served on several graduate student committees, including those of students in computer science. He is currently the advisor to all students in this lab, and supervises all ongoing experiments.


Past Lab Members



Robert Polewan (polewanrj@sfasu.edu)

Ph.D., Neuroscience & Behavior, University of Massachusetts, 2006

Bob has recorded from Purkinje Cells (PCs) in awake, behaving rabbits trained using a temporal uncertainty paradigm. A tone CS is presented, reinforced at one of two ISIs. This produces a bimodal response from the rabbit. Bob has also worked on the Cartesion Reflex Project.

Bob is presently at Stephen F. Austin State University (Department of Psychology) in Nacogdoches, TX.
He continues to collaborate with the Moore lab.



June-Seek Choi (j-schoi@korea.ac.kr)

Ph.D., Neuroscience & Behavior, University of Massachusetts, 1999

June-Seek demonstrated in his dissertation work that single cells in the deep cerebellar Nucleus Interpositus exhibited firing patterns appropriate to both ITI time periods in a rabbit trained to produce a bimodal eyelid response.

June-Seek is presently at Korea University (Department of Psychology).