Graduate Students

Gunness Lab 15b / 15c / 6a

Fax: 413-545-1027

Umang Patel
PhD Student


Research: Computational Fluid Structure Interactions of non-Newtonian fluids

Curriculum Vitae (na)


Pieter Boersma
PhD Student


Research: Experimental fluid structure interactions of non-Newtonian fluids

Curriculum Vitae (na)

Kash Rajan
PhD Student


Research: Cold Spray Deposition of Polymer Powders

Curriculum Vitae (na)


Joe Joseph 
MS Student


Research:Extensional rheology of polymer solutions  

Curriculum Vitae (na)

Guinevere Tillinghast 
PhD Student


Research: Rheology of recycled polymers

Curriculum Vitae (na)

Former Graduate Students

Anita Dey, PhD 2020
"Viscoelastid Fluid Structure Interactions"

Samrat Sur, PhD 2019
"Extensional Rheology of Flame Resistant Polymers"

Zahra Khalkhali, PhD 2019
"Cold spray deposition of polymer powders"

Sunil Khandavalli, PhD 2017
"Roll-to-roll coating and printing with non-Newtonian fluids"

Jeong-Hyun Kim, PhD 2017
"Drag reduction and dynamic wetting of superhydrophobic and lubricant infused surfaces"

Trenton Bush, MS 2016
"Cold Spray of Polymers"

Theo Kassuga, MS 2014
"Buckling of Particle-Laden Interfaces"

Dong Song, visiting PhD student 2013
"Drag Reduction using Superhydrophobic Sanded Teflon Surfaces"

Robert Daniello, PhD 2013
"Partial Slip: Experimental Studies of Superhydrophobic Surfaces in Flow"

Michael Nilsson, PhD 2013
"Multiphase Flows with Digital and Traditional Microfluidics"

Jiansheng Feng, PhD 2012
"Investigations of Surface Tension Effects due to Small-Scale Complex Boundaries"

Pranesh Muralidhar, MSME 2012
"Effect of Slip on Flows Past Superhydrophobic Cylinders"

Ashwin Sankaran, MSME 2012
"Viscoelastic Flows Through Contraction Geometries"

Molly Mulligan, PhD 2011
"Morphology and Development of Droplet Deformation under Flow within Microfluidic Devices"

Erica Bishoff White, MSME 2011
"Extensional Flow Induced Crystallization of Polymers using a Filament Stretching Rheometer"

Geoff Moss, MSME 2009
"The Dynamics of Viscoelastic Wormlike Micelle Solutions in Complex Flows"

Manoj Chellamuthu, PhD October 2009
"A Comprehensive Study of Extensional Rheology of Complex Fluids"

Robert Daniello, MSME 2008
"Turbulent Drag Reduction using Superhydrophobic Surfaces"

Michael Martell, MSME 2008
"Simulations of Turbulence over Superhydrophobic Surfaces"

Jia Ou, PhD September 2007, MSME 2004
"Laminar flow control with ultrahydrohobic surfaces"

Erik Miller, PhD May 2007, MSME May 2004
"The dynamics and rheology of shear-banding wormlike micelle solutions
and other non-Newtonian fluids"

Avinash Bhardwaj, MSME September 2006
"Extensional rheology of wormlike micelles"

Sheng Chen, MSME June 2003
"Flow around a sphere of a wormlike micellar solution"


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