History 323: Modern Germany
Tobin Hall room 204 – TR 11:15 am – 12:05 pm

Lecture Schedule:


This is the intended series of lectures for this course, though I reserve the right to make adjustments, if necessary, as the semester progresses.  Following each lecture topic you will find the pertinent pages in the textbook.  I recommend you do the reading in advance of coming to class for that day as it will help you to better follow the lecture.








Tue Jan 19

Introduction – Where is Germany?


Thu Jan 21

Politics in 18th Century Germany

Kitchen: pp. 1-8

Mon Jan 25

Discussion: What is German History?

James J. Sheehan, “What is German History?” (on SPARK)

Tue Jan 26

Society & Culture in 18th Century Germany


Thu Jan 28

The French Revolution and the German States

Kitchen: pp. 9-28

Mon Feb 1

Discussion: German Nationalism

Fichte, “13th Address to the German Nation” and Arndt “The German Fatherland” (on SPARK)

Tue Feb 2

The Congress of Vienna & Restoration

Kitchen: pp. 50-60

Thu Feb 4

German Romanticism and the Fraternities


Mon Feb 8

Discussion: Romanticism
(Quiz #1)

Goethe: Faust

Tue Feb 9

The Vormärz: Setting the Stage for Revolution

Kitchen: pp. 60-70

Thu Feb 11

The 1848 Revolution and the Frankfurt Parliament

Kitchen: pp. 71-89

Mon Feb 15

NO CLASS – President’s Day

Sections will meet on Tuesday instead

Tue Feb 16

Discussion: German Unification

“Germany’s Unification,” “Hanseman on the Revolution in France,” “Heppenheim Program,” “Wirth At the Hambach Festival,” and “Frankfurt Parliament” (on SPARK)

Thu Feb 18

German Bürgertum & the Working Class

Kitchen: pp. 29-49

Mon Feb 22

Discussion: Biedermeier Germany

Fontane: Effie Briest

Tue Feb 23

German Unification

Kitchen: pp. 90-138

Thu Feb 25

Bismarck’s Germany

Kitchen: pp. 139-172

Mon Mar 1

Discussion: Bismarck’s Germany
(Quiz #2)

“Anti-Socialist Law” (for reference), “Bebel Condemns Anti-Socialist Law” “Bamberger Extension of Anti-Socialist Law” “Weber Reflects on Cooperation,” and “Bamberger Hopes for Parliamentary Government” (on SPARK)

Tue Mar 2

Wilhelmine Germany

Kitchen: pp. 173-186

Thu Mar 4

Navalism, Militarism, and the Coming of War

Kitchen: pp. 186-202

Mon Mar 8

Discussion: Wilhelmine Politics

“Daily Telegraph Affair,” “Zabern Affair,” “Statutes of the PanGerman League,” (on Spark)

Tue Mar 9


Cumulative Exam (Jan 19-Mar 8)

Thu Mar 11


This is in return for attending films later

Mar 15-18



Mon Mar 22

Discussion: German Aggression

“German Naval Office,” “Freyman’s Shades of the Future,” and “Inevitability of War” (on Spark)

Tue Mar 23

Outbreak of World War I

Kitchen: pp. 203-219

Thu Mar 25

World War I


Mon Mar 29

Discussion: World War I

“Soldiers Describe Combat – Lange,” “Soldiers Describe Combat – Hammerer,” “Patriotic Enlightenment,” “Unrestricted Submarine Warfare” and “Ludendorff Admits Defeat” (on Spark)

Tue Mar 30

The Weimar Republic: The Return to Normalcy

Kitchen: pp. 220-236

Thu Apr 1

The Weimar Republic: The Golden Years and the Decent into Chaos

Kitchen: pp. 236-257

Mon Apr 5

Discussion: Weimar Republic

Weitz: The Weimar Republic

Tue Apr 6

The Nazi Revolution

Kitchen: pp. 258-283

Thu Apr 8

Hitler’s Foreign Policy and the Preparation for War

Kitchen: pp. 284-298

Mon Apr 12

Discussion: Nazi Racial Policies
(Quiz #3)

“Klemperer’s Diary Entry,” “Reich Civil Servant Law,” “Reich Citizenship Law,” “Hitler’s Greater German Reichstag Speech” (on Spark)

Tue Apr 13

The Outbreak of World War II

Kitchen: pp. 298-304

Thu Apr 15

World War II

Kitchen: pp. 304-315

Mon Apr 19

NO CLASS – Patriot’s Day


Tue Apr 20

The Holocaust


Wed Apr 21

Film: Downfall

Herter 227 @ 6:30pm

Wed Apr 21

Discussion: The Holocaust

Browning: Ordinary Men

Thu Apr 22

The Postwar Settlement

Kitchen: pp. 316-322

Mon Apr 26

Discussion: The New Political System

“Byrne’s Speech on Germany,” “Nuremberg Trials,” “CDU Social Market Economy,” “First Party Conference of the SED,” and “The Godesberg Program” (on Spark)

Tue Apr 27

Divided Germany: 1949-1963

Kitchen: pp. 323-345

Thu Apr 29

Divided Germany: 1963-1989

Kitchen: pp. 346-372

Mon May 3

Discussion: Divided Germany
(Quiz #4)

Schneider: Wall Jumper

Mon May 3

Film: The Lives of Others

Herter 227 @ 6:30pm

Tue May 4

Reunified Germany

Kitchen: pp. 373-412






Cumulative Exam (Mar 22-May 4)
Time & Place To Be Announced