Jamie T Mullins

Associate Professor | Department of Resource Economics

Working Papers

Climate and Migration in the United States
        Patrick Baylis, Prashant Bharadwaj, Jamie T. Mullins and Nick Obradovich
        Under Submission
        Draft | Old version

More than particulate matters: Pollution and productivity in Indian call centers
        Deepshikha Batheja, Jamie T. Mullins and Sarojini Hirshleifer
        Under Submission
        Working Paper


Valuing the Disamenity of Open Dumpsites: A Sri Lankan Case Study
        Gayan Udugama and Jamie T. Mullins
        Journal of Environment and Development (Accepted).

Temperature, Mental Health, and Individual Crises: Evidence from the Crisis Text Line
        Sparshi Srivastava and Jamie T. Mullins
        American Journal of Health Economics (Forthcoming).
        Available here

Influence of Community Characteristics on Urban Forest Management Programs in New York State
        Rebecca J. Hargrave, Rick W. Harper, Brett J. Butler, and Jamie T. Mullins
        Cities and the Environment (CATE): Vol. 17: Iss. 1, Article 3, 2024.
        Available here

Air pollution and suicide in rural and urban America: Evidence from wildfire smoke
        David Molitor, Jamie T. Mullins, and Corey White
        Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2023.
        Available here | Manuscript

Municipal Forest Program Management in the United States of America: A Systematic Review
        Rebecca J. Hargrave, Richard W. Harper, Brett J. Butler, and Jamie T. Mullins
        Forests, 14(1) 2023.
        Available here

Heat Adaptation and Human Performance in a Warming Climate
        Steven Sexton, Zhenxuan Wang, and Jamie T. Mullins
        Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 2022.
        Available here

Can access to health care mitigate the effects of temperature on mortality?
        Jamie T. Mullins and Corey White
        Journal of Public Economics, 2020.
        IZA Working Paper
and Published Paper and Available here.

Climate Risk and Beliefs in New York Floodplains
        Matthew Gibson and Jamie T. Mullins
        Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 2020.
        Available here

Temperature and Mental Health: Evidence from the Spectrum of Mental Health Outcomes
        Jamie T. Mullins and Corey White
        Journal of Health Economics, 2019.
        Available here | IZA Working Paper

Arthritis diagnosis and early-life exposure to air pollution
        Andrew Shepherd and Jamie T. Mullins
        Environmental Pollution, 2019.
        Available here

Motivating Emissions Cleanup: Absolute vs. Relative Performance Standards
        Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2018.
        Available here | Pre-Print available here

Ambient Air Pollution and Human Performance: Contemporaneous and Acclimatization Effects of Ozone Exposure on Athletic Performance
        Health Economics, 2018.
        Available here | Pre-Print available here.

Early Life Exposure to the Great Smog of 1952 and the Development of Asthma
        Prashant Bharadwaj, Joshua Graff Zivin, Jamie Mullins, and Matthew Neidell.
        American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, 2016.
        Available here | Pre-Print Available here

The Adoption of Climate Smart Agriculture: The Role of Information and Insurance under Climate Change
        J Mullins, J Graff Zivin, A Cattaneo, A Paolantonio, and R Cavatassi
        Chapter in: Climate Smart Agriculture - Building Resilience to Climate Change,
        D Zilberman, L Lipper, N McCarthy, S Asfaw, and G Branca (Eds.) Springer, 2017.
        Available here

Effects of Short Term Measures to Curb Air Pollution: Evidence from Santiago, Chile
        Jamie Mullins and Prashant Bharadwaj
        American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2015.

        Available here

What Do We Know About Short and Long Term Effects of Early Life Exposure to Pollution?
        Janet Currie, Joshua Graff Zivin, Jamie Mullins, and Matthew Neidell.
        Annual Review of Resource Economics, 2014.
        Available here

Vessel Buybacks in Fisheries: The Role of Auction and Financing Structures
        Joshua Graff Zivin and Jamie Mullins
        Marine Policy, 2015.
        Available here


Research in Progress

Temperature, Air Pollution, and Healthcare Utilization in Andhra Pradesh
        Onupurba Das, Debi Mohapatra, and Jamie T. Mullins.

Leaning in to conservation: Local women in power and forest cover in India
        Onupurba Das and Jamie T. Mullins.

Learning about flood risk: Hurricane Sandy and NYC flood insurance purchases
        Gayan Udugama and Jamie T. Mullins.

Temperature, Air Pollution, and Performance in the Information Economy: Conditions and Outcomes in New Delhi
        Patrick Carlin, Alex Hollingsworth and Jamie T. Mullins.

Driving Avoidance Behavior: Benefits of Government Warnings and Precautionary Public Action Regarding Air Pollution
        Kelly L. Hellman and Jamie T. Mullins.

The Impacts of Political Reservations on Financial Well-Being: Scheduled Castes in India
        Prashikdivya Gajbhiye and Jamie T. Mullins.