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Spring 2019: Mechanical Properties of Materials (MIE609)

Elastic Deformation, Permananent Deformation, Fracture, Measurement and Atomic Basis.

Check the Syllabus here.

Homework and Exam List

Homework 1 Due date: Jan 30th.

Homework 2 Due date: Feb 4th.

Homework 3 Due date: Feb 11th.

Homework 4 Due date: Feb 25th.

Homework 5 Due date: Mar 18th.

Homework 6 Due date: Apr 10th.

Homework 7 Due date: Apr 17th.

Homework 8 Due date: Apr 23rd.



Fall 2018: Statics (MIE210)

A vector treatment of equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies. Forces, moments, couples, equations of equilibrium, free-body diagrams, machines, trusses, frames, friction and centroids. Shear and bending moment diagrams.