Ping Lab | Nano-Bio Interface & Application Lab


Jinglei Ping (CV|Email) is the principal investigator of the lab. His research interest falls in development of novel atomic-layer nanomaterials, or two-dimensional (2D) materials, building scientific understanding of their transduction properties at nano-bio interfaces, and translation of 2D device structures into biosensing applications in healthcare, point-of-care diagnostics, and environmental monitoring.

Jinglei was born and brought up in Hangzhou before he went to Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou for B.S. in Material Physics, and University of Maryland, College Park for Ph.D. in Chemical Physics. Jinglei likes swimming, playing the game of Go, and rock-climbing.

Eric Chia (Email) is a PhD student of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Besides research, Eric likes workout and playing board games.

Ashwini Allda (Email) is a sophomore mechanical engineering major. In her free time, she enjoy doing calligraphy, reading about current events, and listening to music.

Noah Doerr (Email) is a junior mechanical engineering student. He loves travel and would like to spend some time volunteering abroad upon completion of his degree. In his free time he enjoy reading, playing guitar, and surfing.

Sam Worrell (Email) is an freshman electrical engineering student. In his free time, Sam enjoys working out, reading, and listening to music. He hopes to learn a lot through his experiences and the people he meets at UMass.