Ping Lab | Nano-Bio Interfaces & Applications Lab


Apr 14 2020

Attomolar limit for DNA detection! IEEE Sensors.

Nov 01 2019

Jinglei is super psyched to be selected for the AFOSR YIP award.

Aug 23 2019

We are super excited to have two new PhD students in the MIE program, Xiao Fan from BUCT and Xiaoyu Zhang from SUSTC, joining our lab.

Jul 30 2019

Dr. Ping's new book chapter about chemical vapor sensors was just published by Springer.

Jul 08 2019

We had a great Eureka! session today!

Jun 24 2019

We are excited to be funded by USGS through the WRIP program!

Apr 04 2019

We are very grateful to receive funding from DoD CDMRP PRMRP.

Feb 02 2019

Samuel Worrell joins the group, and becomes the lab's first Electrical Engineering student!

Jan 28 2019

The lab is very excited to welcome its newest member, Ashwini Allada, an undergraduate student of MIE.

Jan 17 2019

We are happy to welcome a new PhD student to the lab: Eric Chia.