Ping Lab | Nano-Bio Interface & Application Lab


We are an energetic lab focusing on interdisciplinary research on development of biosensing devices and systems based on nanomaterials and translation of nanomaterials into applications in point-of-care diagnostics, drug testing, healthcare, and environmental monitoring. Students with science and engineering background: mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, materials science, physics, chemistry, etc.—whoever interested in development of novel nanomaterials, understanding their transducing properties, and building nano-enabled biosensors—are encouraged to send Prof. Ping an Email with information listed below. Students/scholars from underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged.

Postdoc researchers: To apply, send us a cover letter, a CV, and contact details of two references.

Graduate students: Graduate students in any department of UMass Amherst interested in rotating or joining our lab can send us a brief descripiton of your background, research interests, along with a copy CV. Senior undergraduate Students from any school interested in pursusing a master or doctoral degree in our lab can also send us the information to us.

Undergraduate students: If you are interested in rotating or joing the lab, just get in touch! Send us an email to desribe your background, interests, and how much time you plan to spend in the lab.

High-school students: You are welcome to spend time in our lab if you are curious and earger to learn. Send us an email describing your interests.