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Essays 1

Declaration of Interdependence, 1999

Systems, Clocks and Trees, 1999

Humans and Spirituality, 1999

My Truths Today, 2001

A Sustainability Curriculum Proposal, 2002

Quercus Questions; An Essay, 2002

Systems Research, 2003

On Dialogue, 2003

The Shambhala Worker, 2003

Ethics at Work, 2009

Holistic Goal Workbook

Saving the World – One Clothespin at a Time, 2009

Communiversity: Beyond the Land Grant, 1997 (revised 2011)

1 In 1999, I returned to my role as teacher and professor.  These writings were created after that change 



Ecology Rules

Sustainable Living


One Person Can Make a Difference

Animal Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture



Botany for Gardeners Class

Sustainable Living Class

Sustainability Jobs

Sustainable Agriculture Class

Industrial Animal Agriculture

Creating a Holistic Goal


Old Writings

Most of these are pre-2000 writings.

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