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Judy Dixon's Women's Tennis Camp

Heartfelt thanks to all of the women who participated in the 2017 Women's Tennis Camp. Although this is the last year of the two-day camp, I will offer future full-day clinics and hope to see you all on the court again!

"The Women's Tennis Camp was fabulous, beyond my expectations... You have no idea how this has boosted me and made me excited about tennis again. Thanks!"


Spirit of Audie Scholarship Fund

Judy Dixon’s Women's Tennis Camp is where many of us first met Audie. If you arrived at camp on Friday not knowing Audie, that wasn't the case by Sunday afternoon. Even though her tennis skills were some of the best, what you noticed most was her beautiful smile that seemed to go from ear to ear. It was her kindness, her free and light spirit, and her gentleness. It felt good just being around her. Some of us were lucky enough to call her our friend. She was good-hearted and would keep the lightness of a joke going while we were trying to stay so serious and focused when Judy or the other coaches fed us balls.     

If all of these qualities weren't enough, what kept you thinking about her was her gorgeously fit body, and her absolutely beautiful style and flair for it all, especially her clothes—did we say ALL of the tennis clothing available anywhere on the market… on E-bay, at Jonathan's, in Texas, or California, or New York! Audie truly was a gift: a gift of openness, kindness, and compassion. The Women's Tennis Camp is where many of us first met her. I don't know how many years Audie came to camp, but she was a devoted participant. She also played in hundreds of USTA matches on numerous teams. She simply loved tennis.     

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to the "Spirit of Audie Scholarship." This fund has allowed women who otherwise could not afford camp to attend. If you would like to support an attendee for this final camp, please send a check to Judy Dixon, UMass Tennis Office, 226 Boyden Gym, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, 01003, by April 1, 2017, and identify that the contribution is for the scholarship fund. If you would like to suggest possible candidates for the scholarship, please pass along any names to Judy.   

– Trish Pancione



The Spirit of Audie Scholarship Fund
enables a deserving woman tennis player
to attend Judy Dixon's Women's Camp for free. We would like to thank Trish for her role in establishing this fund and all of the wonderful people who contributed to it. For more info. about how to contribute or suggest a recipient for this final WTC, please email us at judydixontennis@gmail.com.