Tony Dinsmore, PI

I am a Professor and Head of the Department of Physics. My science interests include aspects of soft matter physics such as colloids, emulsions, membranes, and granular materials, with a focus on fundamental principles and new materials by self-assembly. Current interests focus on soft interfaces such as fluid interfaces and membranes, as well as interfacial charging of solid surfaces by contact electrification. CV (May, 2021) (LinkedIn)

Mingzhu Cui

I am a 4th-year PhD student. I am studying the influence of surface geometry in the three-phase (solid-water-air) contact angle hysteresis and contact line shape. Outside of academics, I like spending leisure time fishing and hiking with my family and friends.

Chris Oville

Graduate student

Rishabh Jain

Undergraduate researcher

Eli Silman

Undergraduate researcher

Recent Alumni:

Sumner Gubisch

Sumner just completed his BS in physics and astronomy with minors in mathematics and classical archeology. He was in the Commonwealth Honors College and completed his Capstone thesis on "Measurement of The Induced Voltage Resulting From Slide Electrification." Sumner is joining a PhD program in engineering. (LinkedIn.)

Eric Lyons

Eric just completed his BS degree in Physics in May, 2022. He worked with us on computing temporal and spatial correlation functions of measured contact-line shapes. Eric plans to pursue a career in data science. (LinkedIn.)

Nadav Benhamou Goldfajn

Nadav worked with us in AY 2021-22, developing a method to use 3D printing make smooth surfaces of complex shape for our measurements of contact-angle hysteresis. Nadav has just transferred to Johns Hopkins University where he plans to study biophysics.

Arash Manafirad

Arash earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry in February, 2022 - Congratulations, Arash! His thesis is "Manipulating the Properties of Light-Responsive Active Lipid Bilayer Membranes: Measuring Mechanics and Probing Mechanisms." Arash studied the mechanical properties of stimuli-responsive bilayer membranes, and for that, he worked with a direct bilayer membrane characterization technique called micropipette aspiration. He is now working with Amgen. (LinkedIn)

Ashbell Abraham

Ashbell graduated with his BS in Physics in spring, 2021. Since the Spring semester of 2019, he carried out experiments on the aging process of a receding contact line at a water-air-solid interface. Among other things, he measured the characteristic distance over which a contact line moves as it slips over a curved, rough surface. Ashbell is now in the Physics PhD program at Penn State.

Samantha Maragioglio

Sam completed her double major in physics and astrophysics with a minor in mathematics in May, 2021.She was part of the Commonwealth Honors College and wrote a Capstone thesis on "Rate of Surface Charge Decay of Granular Media." with some new discoveries on the very slow process of discharge of grains at low humidity. Sam is now working with Newgrange Design. (LinkedIn).

Sarah Zuraw-Weston

Sarah earned her PhD in August 2020 -- Congratulations, Sarah! Her thesis is"Controlled membrane remodeling by Nanospheres and Nanorods: Experiments targeting the design principles for membrane-based materials." Since August, Sarah has been an Internal Consultant at Ab initio. (LinkedIn)

Rui Cao

Rui defended his PhD in August 2020 --congratulations, Rui! His thesis is "An Experimental Study of Lipid-Membrane-based Structure Formation and Development of a Responsive System." Rui is now an Applied Scientist at Amazon. (LinkedIn).

Previous Alumni:

Abdoul Ayouba; Robbie Bancroft (Manchester); Austin Barnes (B.S. with iCons '14;UCSB Chemistry);Hugo Bissig (Swiss National Metrology Institute); Sean Bradley (B.S. '17, now at Mass. General Hospital); Versa Clark (M.S.'05); Freeman Dong (BS '18; MS UMass Physics); Kan Du (Ph.D.,'10; postdoc at NIST; now enior Optical Engineer at ASML); Kapil Easwar, Kazem Edmond (B.S.'04; now Sr. Researcher at ExxonMobil); Susan Gibilisco, Matt Gratale (B.S. 08; now Data Scientist at The Hartford); Christian Guertin (M.S.'03;Vermont Photonics);Wei He (PhD, 2018; Data scientist at CVS Health);Soichi Hirokawa (Bowdoin Coll.; REU 2013) now at Caltech; Wei Hong (PhD 2017, now at Facebook); Brandon Hoover (NIH post-bac program; Univ. Wisconsin-Madison Biophysics); Ryan Horton; Jaime Hutchison (Ph.D.,'13; PD at UTA; now at Solvay); Richard Kenyon;Chris Knutson (M.S.'04; now at Beckman Coulter); Rui Kong (M.S.'05; Suez Energy);Amanda LaFauci (B.S.'15; BC PhD program);Jeremy Laprade (BS '18; Brandeis Physics); David Lawrence (B.S.'06; NYU Law Schl); Joseph Lawrence (B.S.'15); Randy Leiter; Mark Lewis (B.S. '17; U Chicago PhD program); Nate Lindzen (B.S. in Chemistry '07); Simona Maccarrone (postdoc, '09-'11); Yutaka Maki (B.S.'05; SUNY Coll. Optometry); Ryan McGorty (B.S.'05; Harvard Physics,now faculty at USD); Jessica Meese (Carnegie-Mellon); John Mergo; Melissa Motew (B.S.'02; Lincoln Lab); Ian Murphy (B.S. '19; Newgrange Design); Spencer Newton; Debo Olaosebikan (Illinois Wesleyan U.);Liquan Pei, Xiaotao Peng (Ph.D. '07; Alliance Fiber Optics Products); Tim Prisk (B.S.'07; Indiana U; NIST);Ellie Radue; Philip Rebrovic (B.S. May 2016 - CityYear); Sebastian Russell (B.S.'14;Columbia ChemEng); Anwesha Saha (BS '19; Michigan Applied Physics); Susmitha Saripalli; Madeline Sauleda (B.S., Feb. 2016, CMU PhD program);John Savage (Ph.D. '07; postdoc at Cornell, now at Director at Lindy Biosciences; Nesrin Senbil (Ph.D.'15; now at Brandeis, moving to Solvay Rhodia);Sam Teale (Manchester);Ian Torres (BS Computer Sci 2018; Mass Mutual);Derek Wood (PhD '17, now R&D Scientist at Block Engineering); Chuan Zeng (Ph.D. '11; now medical physicist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center); Jing Zhou (Ph.D. '07, went to Xerox, now VP, Head of Data Science and Data Engineering at eHealth.)