Cognitive Experiments Models & Neuroscience Lab


Behavioral Experiments

CEMNL has 7 behavioral testing rooms, each with 3D ready Asus monitors capable of refresh rates up to 144 Hz, nVidia shuttle glasses for presenting different images to different eyes, and response boxes for the collection of highly accurate response time data. This setup allows us to not only run simple accuracy experiments, but also reaction time experiments, psychophysics experiments with tight control of display properties, and continual flash suppression experiments in which we present a visual image to just one eye in such a way that participants are not aware that anything has been presented.




Computational Models

All postdocs and graduate students in CEMNL are issued a high speed multicore workstation for running computer simulations of mathematical and neural network models. These models are coded using Matlab, R, or in some cases low-level computer languages such as C++. These models explain and predict behavioral accuracy and reaction time measures, neural measures such as EEG/ERP and fMRI, and in some cases we build models that directly relate neural measures to behavioral measures. In the event that a high-speed work station is insufficient for these analyses, we have access to a state of the art server in the adjoining cMAP lab.




Neuroscience Measures

CEMNL has an EEG lab, with a separate testing room and control room. The EEG setup includes a 64 channel actiCHamp amplifier and actiCAPs made by Brain Products. This new technology combines the signal-to-noise advantages of active electrodes with the ease of use provided by LED lights on each electrode for measuring electrical impedances. The monitor for this setup is the same 3D ready ASUS monitor as used in the behavioral testing rooms, allowing the collection of steady-state visual evoked potentials. This lab is run through CEMNL but we welcome other UMass researchers to use this resource.