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Summer 2022 Session One (Thursday, May 19 - Friday, July 1, 2022)

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This course is taught through University of Massachusetts Amherst’s University Without Walls (UWW)

This course is a fully asynchronous online class offered through the UMass Blackboard learning system. As an asynchronous course there are no specific days/times when you need to be online. However, you need to complete all assignments by the due dates and times as specified on the Course Calendar found in Blackboard. The online exams will be given through Blackboard and Gradescope. You must sign up for a free Gradesope account using your UMass email address. Your exams will be proctored by the Honorlock online proctoring service.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics, in accordance with the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, continues to promote the integrity and security of its courses. To further secure its courses, the department will require one proctored midterm and a proctored final exam in this course. Students who enroll in this online course will have to take the midterm and the final exam within the scheduled exam time frame. Students will need to have a computer (desktop or laptop) that has a reliable internet connection and a webcam. During each proctored exam, students must follow proctoring rules and requirements set by the instructor for the course.