Math 233 (Section 4): Multivariate Calculus - Fall 2018


Instructor: Maria Correia

Office: LGRT 122C

Office Hours: MW: 2:30- 3:30, 4:30-5:30, MW: 1:00 -2:00 (CTC LGRT 140), or by appointment on Tu and Thu  

Phone: 413-545-0029


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Class Meeting: MWF 1:25 - 2:15 pm;  Room: LGRT 123.

Prerequisite: Math 132 (Calculus II) or equivalent.

Descritption: This course is part of a 3-semester sequence (131-132-233), covering standard material on differential and integral calculus at an intermediate level: more sophisticated (and much faster moving) than high school calculus, but with less emphasis on theoretical rigor than in advanced courses such as Math 425 or Math 523. Instead the emphasis is on basic concepts, methods, and applications suitable for students majoring in engineering, natural sciences, computer science, and mathematics. Math 233 covers calculus of functions of more than one variable. For more details, please visit the course topics and course schedule websites.

Requirements and grading:

The course letter-grade scale is:  

A A- B+ B B - C+ C C- D+ D F
90 87 83 79 75 71 67 63 59 55 <55

Textbook: Enhanced WebAssign is required for this course. Your homework assignments will be donethrough Enhanced WebAssign based of the text "Calculus: Early Transcendentals" (8th edition) by James Stewart. Your purchasing options are contained within this link: https://www.cengagecom/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/en/micrositesus/UMASSCALCULUS1


Homework: All lecture sections also require the WebAssign on-line system for homework, to which you must purchase access. When you buy a textbook make sure to buy also the WebAssign coupon. If you have not used WebAssign before, to logging in to WebAssign at

Logging into WebAssign: WebAssign access code

You have the option of purchasing a loose-leaf version of the Stewart 8e textbook bundled with multi-term Instant Access Code to Enhanced WebAssign for $134:15. With this bundle purchase you will have instant access to Enhanced WebAssign that contains the Stewart 8e eText while your loose-leaf version of the text ships to you in 3 - 5 business days.
Your also have the option of purchasing a stand-alone Instant Access Code to Enhanced WebAssign (with eText) without a hard copy the loose-leaf textbook. You can purchase a single term access code for $78:00, or a life-of-edition/multi-term access code for $114:00. Please note the single term access is valid for one semester, while the life-of-edition access is valid for all three courses, Math 131, 132 and 233, provided you remain on track. If you do not take the courses consecutively, you may have to enroll in a class which requires a later edition of the book, or even a diferent book. Once you 1 have made your online purchase of the Enhanced WebAssign access code you will receive your access code along with directions on how to proceed and register into Enhanced WebAssign. If you acquire a physical book (via or elsewhere) BE SURE IT INCLUDES ENHANCED WEBASSIGN and is for the 8th edition.
Note: if you purchase Enhanced WebAssign directly from the WebAssign website as oppose to the above linked microsite, you will get the same stand-alone Instant Access Code to Enhanced WebAssign (with eText), at a price of: $100:00 for single-term and $125 for multi-term. WHICHEVER OPTION YOU CHOOSE, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ORDER IT USING YOUR UMASS EMAIL ADDRESS.
The class key for MATH 233-Section 4: umass 7960 9614.
Due dates for homework assignments will be announced by your instructor and listed in WebAssign.

Quizzes and class work: There are no discussion sections for this class, so quizzes will regularly be given during class or as an out of class assignment. Some exercises will also be given in class. The lowest two grades will be dropped. This is to allow for all reasons for missing quizzes or exercises in class, including illness, emergencies, socially excused absence from campus, and absence for religious observance. For this reason, there will be no makeup quizzes for any reason

Calculators and formula sheet: You will NOT be permitted to use a calculator on exams. You must show all work other than arithmetic calculations. Absolutely no formula sheets, class notes, etc. will be allowed during nal and midterm exams.

Moodle: Moodle will be used for this class for posting syllabus, lectures notes and other course materials. The grades of the exams and final course grade will be available in Moodle. Sign in to your Moodle account by entering your Student ID and password.

Help Resources: Help with homework is available at the Calculus Tutoring Center in LGRT 140, Monday through Thursday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, starting Monday September 10. Another option is to visit the Learning Resource Center which usually has at least a few tutors who can help with 233.

Make-up exam Policy: Be sure to get your instructor to approve you to take any of the two make-up exams which will take place the night following the regularly scheduled exam. If you cannot take a make-up exam at this time and place, then you will need to discuss this before hand with your professor and find a solution to this problem with him/her. "You have to notify your instructor at least two weeks in advance. For more details, please visit the course website. Medical problems: For these you must submit a statement from a medical professional. It is your right not to disclose any details, but we must be assured that you are medically incapable of performing the activity for which you are requesting a make-up; a statement from a medical professional to this effect will suffice. If advance notice is possible and not given your instructor may refuse your request."You have to notify your instructor at least two weeks in advance. For more details, please visit the course website.

Make-up special accommodation: For make-up exams please you must at least two weeks in advance. The make-up for Exam 1 will be on Wednesday October 5 from 7-9 pm. The make-up for Exam 2 will be on Friday November 4, from 7 pm- 9 pm.

Exam make-up policy

Please make sure you read and understand the exam make-up policy.

Religious Observance: If you will be absent from an exam or other class activity because of religious observance, you must notify me in writing, in advance of the absence, and at the beginning of the semester-within one full week of your enrollment in the course.

Emergency absences from campus: Notify the Dean of Students (545-2684), who will then verify the details and notify each of your instructors.

Drops and Withdrawals: Last day to drop the class with no record is Monday, September 17. Last day to drop with W or select Pass/Fail option is Thursday, October 30.

Disability Statement: If you are in need of accommodation for a documented disability, register with Disability Services to have an accommodation letter sent to your faculty. It is your responsibility to initiate these services and to communicate with faculty ahead of time to manage accommodation in a timely manner. For more information, consult the Disability Services website at

Academic Honesty: You must observe the UMass Academic Honesty policy. Please, see: .