Make-Up Exam Procedure

Please make sure you read and understand the make-up exam procedure.

Make-Up Exams Request Procedure: Note that there is no re-taking of exams in this course.

No later than two weeks before the exam give your instructor a written request for a make-up that includes: your name and ID number; your section number; the reason for requesting the make-up exam; and documentation supporting your request.

If your make-up request is submitted in time and your lecture-section instructor deems its documentation adequate, your instructor will notify the Course Chair. A few days before the scheduled make-up exam, the Course Chair will notify you directly by e-mail, telling you the exam's location.

Your instructor will directly arrange any make-up exam allowed because of an emergency situation that prohibited your making an advance request or prevented you from taking the course-wide make-up.

Make-up due to conflicting exam

If you have a mid-semester exam in another course at the same time as the Math 132 exam, and if the final digit(s) of the 5-digit class number for your Math 132 section is higher than the final digit(s) of the 5-digit class number for the other course, you are entitled to a make-up exam in Math 132.

For example, if the Math 132 class number is 59321 and the other course class number is 22204, then the other course should give the make-up. But if the Math 132 class number is 33321 and the other course class number is 99911 (with a tie in the final digit), then Math 132 should give the make-up.

To support your make-up request, provide documentation that:

  1. you are enrolled in the other course; and
  2. you have a conflicting exam there; and
  3. the class number of the other course entitles you to a make-up in Math 132.

This documentation may take the form of:

  • a signed form from the Registrar's Office

Make-up due to conflicting class

Ordinarily, evening classes meet Monday or Tuesday, when there is no conflict with our evening exams. If you do have a class scheduled during the time of a Math 132 exam, contact your instructor two weeks before the scheduled exam. To support your request, provide a written statement from the instructor of the conflicting class.

Make-up due to official University travel

You may also request a make-up exam if you will be away on official University business, e.g., an athletic competition or academic conference.

To support your make-up request, attach written explanation by the relevant campus official for the necessity of your absence.

Make-up due to religious observance

In the case of absence from an exam due to religious observance (see below), ask your instructor to confirm to the Course Chair that you provided the specified notification at the beginning of the semester.

Make-up for medical reasons

In case of a medical emergency, submit a statement from a medical professional that includes a phone number where the professional may be contacted. While it is your right not to disclose any details, the medical professional’s statement must indicate that you were unable for medical reasons to take the scheduled exam. If advance notice is possible and not given, your instructor may refuse your request.

Disability Services - Exam Accommodations:

If you are in need of accommodation for a documented disability, register with Disability Services to have an accommodation letter sent to your instructor. Students receiving accommodations for exams must present documentation from the Office of Disability Services to their instructor at least two weeks before the first exam for which the accommodation is required. For more information, consult the Disability Services website at

Drops, Withdrawals, and Incompletes:
Last day to drop the class with no record is Monday, September 17. Last day to drop with W or select Pass/Fail option is Tuesday, October 30.

An Incomplete is possible only if: (1) you had a compelling personal reason, e.g., serious illness; (2) your work has clearly been passing; and (3) there's a good chance you'll complete the course with a passing grade within the allotted time. Thus, failing work is no reason in itself for an Incomplete.

Academic Honesty: You must observe the UMass Academic Honesty policy. Please, see: .