Exam Policies: Calculators, textbook, notes and formula sheets are NOT permitted on the exams. You should bring your UMass Student ID to each exam.

Make-Up Exams: All of students must take the regular exam unless you are qualified to take an official make-up exam which has been permitted by your instructor, which follows procedure of make-up request. Please make sure you read and understand the make-up exam procedure.

  • If you need a make-up exam must due to an exam or a class schedule conflict with the regular exam, you must submit the document from the Registrar's Office or other supporting documents at least 2 weeks before the scheduled exams, unless the student is ill on the night of the exam and provides appropriate documentation. There will be no exceptions made for this. The Course Chair must book the exam rooms ahead of time, so late requests cannot be granted. Make-ups for mid-semester exams are scheduled on the day preceding the exam date. No later than two weeks before the exam give your instructor a written request for a make-up that includes: your name and UMass Amherst Student ID number, your section number, the reason for requesting the make-up exam; and documentation supporting your request.

  • If you have a university travel for univerisity business during the regular exam date, like an athletic competition or academic conference etc., you should ask your supervisor or your coach to write an explanation letter including his/her phone number to your instructor as the official written document. Your instructor may verify the event by phone call.

  • Make-up exams due to religious observance: In the case of absence from an exam due to religious observance, ask your instructor to confirm to the Course Chair that you provided the specified notification at the beginning of the semester. Also, you can write an explanation letter yourself and attach the invitation letter or relevent information as the official document.

  • If you have a medical reason and can not take the regular exam, you should ask a medical professional's statement including his/her phone number which indicate that you were unable for medical reason to take the scheduled exam. If the medical professional's statement is not given before the exam, you instructor may refuse your make-up request.

  • Note that there is NO re-taking of exams in this course. Students cannot re-take exams for any reason. So, if a student is sick and takes the exam anyway, they cannot re-take the exam later for a better grade. Regardless of the situation, students who do not feel that they can take the exam on the scheduled date should be sent to me. It is better that the student takes a make-up exam, rather than take the exam when they are sick, etc. Once a student takes the exam, it can NOT be retaken and there is nothing that can be done to change the grade. A student cannot take the regular exam and the make-up exam.

  • All of students should check your travel plan and exam schedules of your courses carefully. Make-up exams will NOT be given to accommodate travel plans.

If your make-up request is submitted on time and your lecture-section instructor deems its documentation adequate, your instructor will notify the Course Chair. A few days before the scheduled make-up exam, the Course Chair will notify you directly by e-mail, telling you the exam's location.

Exam Review Sessions: TAs will run at least two review sessions before each Exam. Past exams will appear two weeks before the exam, and these problems will be discussed at the review sessions before the exam, check the web page for the times. The review sessions will mainly go over solutions of old exams, homework problems and answers questions. Your instructor will notify you the schedule of review sessions one week before the exam.

Adds/Drops, Withdrawals, and Incompletes: Last day to add or drop the class with no record is Monday, September 16. Last day to drop with W or select Pass/Fail option is Tuesday, October 29. An Incomplete is possible only if: (1) you had a compelling personal reason, e.g., serious illness; (2) your work has clearly been passing; and (3) there's a good chance you'll complete the course with a passing grade within the allotted time. Thus, failing work is no reason in itself for an Incomplete.

Disability Services - Exam Accommodations: The University of Massachusetts Amherst is committed to making reasonable, effective and appropriate accommodations to meet the needs of students with disabilities and help create a barrier-free campus. If you have a disability and require accommodations, please register with Disability Services (161 Whitmore Administration building; phone 413-545-0892) to have an accommodation letter sent to your faculty. Information on services and materials for registering are also available on their website http://www.umass.edu/disability..

Students who receive testing accommodations will take their semester exams on the same day as the scheduled exam starting at 5 pm, rather than 7 pm. Students who receive testing accommodations will take the final exam with the Office of Disability Services. Please schedule to take your final exam with their office three weeks before the final exam date.

 Special accommodation request: new students who receive testing accommodations should be certified by UMass Amherst Disability Service Center (DSC) at first, then you should ask DSC to send the special accommation documents to your instructor at least one week before Exam 1 or Exam 2, then you may contact DSC directly to schedule an appointment, DSC will notify you when and where to take the exam in a few days before the exam . For the documented disability students, DSC will notify you when you should schedule the final exam in DSC. The DSD contact is the following:

Trisha Link
Exam Accommodations Coordinator
Disability Services
Proctoring Center
169A Whitmore

Test Center Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday

Academic Honesty: You must observe the UMass Academic Honesty policy. For more etails, please see: http://www.umass.edu/dean_students/codeofconduct/acadhonesty