computational Memory and Perception Lab
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As a Post-doc or Post-Bac Research Associate
We are always interested in hearing from potential post-doctoral or post-baccalaureate research associates whose interests align with ours. Please inquire by sending an email to rcowell[at]

As a Graduate Student
The lab accepts graduate students wishing to pursue a PhD through either the Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience Program of the UMass PBS department, or the Neuroscience and Behavior Program. The next application deadline is for entry in Fall 2021. Please explore our publications, and visit the UMass gradschool website, the Neuroscience and Behavior Program website, and the graduate page of the Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience Division of PBS. We usually have a preference for accepting students through the PBS program (rather than the NSB program) but this is ultimately a personal choice for the applicant. Email Rosie Cowell for information specific to the cMAP Lab, and to discuss entry via the two programs.

As an Undergraduate Student
There may be positions available for undergraduate Research Assistants (for 398B course credit) in Fall 2021. Please complete the cMAP RA Application Form and send it to Rosie Cowell by email by the end of the previous semester.

If you wish to complete an Independent Study (for 496A course credit) in the lab, you must first complete a 398B. Please let us know your plans at the time of applying.

If your long-term goal is to complete an Honors Thesis in the lab, please speak to Rosie Cowell about this as early as possible. You must have first completed a semester of 496A (Independent Study). Also note that if you would like to write a thesis involving either fMRI or computational models, a critical pre-requisite is to be proficient in the MATLAB programming language. For Honors projects involving other methodologies (i.e., behavioral studies), MATLAB skills are also important but could be learned on the job.
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