LabEx Seminar on Acceptability, Decision-making and Parsing

  • Who Brian Dillon
  • When Summer, 2019
  • Where Paris Diderot (Paris 7)

Course overview: In the summer of 2019, Ewan Dunbar and Barbara Hemforth graciously invited me to Paris Diderot (Paris 7) to give a brief, four-week seminar. I chose as the topic ‘Acceptability, Decision-making and Parsing. I had a great time visiting this group, and I am very happy to make available the material I developed for this seminar.

This seminar is based in large part on work that Matt Wagers and I have done in collaboration, exploring the application of Signal Detection Theory to acceptability judgments. Here you may read some of our thoughts on this:

Course schedule

Date Topic
Session 1 General introduction to SDT
Session 2 Receiver operater characteristic modeling; Ambiguity advantage
Session 3 Drift diffusion model; Agreement attraction
Session 4 Illusions of grammaticality


As part of the course, I shared a tutorial data-set that Matt Wagers and I created to teach the tools of SDT for acceptability judgment experiments.

Brian Dillon
Associate Professor

I am a psycholinguist who studies syntax, semantics, working memory, and sentence comprehension.