LIN 386M  Mathematical and Computational Linguistics

Spring 2002
PAR 308, W 4.30-7.00
Unique # 37040

Rajesh Bhatt
Office Hours: CAL516, M3.00-4.30 or by appointment

Syllabus : (pdf file)
Lecture [1]: Organizational Meeting, Jan. 16
Lecture [2]: The Role of Statistics, Jan. 23 (Willis Warren, Jiun-Shiung Wu)
Reading: Statistical Methods in Linguistics by Steve Abney
Lecture [3]: Finite-State Transducers: An Introduction, Jan. 30 (Marty Mayberry)
Reading: Ch. 2 of Finite-State Morphology by Kenneth Beesley and Lauri Karttunen
Lecture [4]: Finite State Methods in Phonology, Feb. 6 (Pascal Denis, Brian Reese)
Reading: Regular Models of Phonological Rule Systems by Ronald Kaplan and Martin Kay
CL Reading Group 1: Incremental Parsing and Speech Recognition, Feb. 7, 5-6pm, CAL 221
Reading: Probabilistic top-down parsing and Robust Garden Path Parsing by Brian Roark
Lecture [5]: Regular Expressions, Feb. 13 (Alexis Palmer, Hong-Ming Yeh)
Reading: Regular Expressions for Natural Language Engineering by Lauri Karttunen et al.
CL Reading Group 2: Optimization in Syntax (Parsing, Generation, and Learning), Feb. 19, 5-6pm, CAL 221
Reading: Faithfulness in OT and Structure-Function Mapping in LFG by Jonas Kuhn
Lecture [6]: Finite-State Transducers, Feb. 20 (Eric McCready, Alex Teodorescu)
Reading: Finite-State Transducers in Language and Speech Processing by Mehryar Mohri (also see Mohri's On some Applications of Finite-State Automata Theory to Natural Language Processing)
Lecture [7]: Are Natural Languages CFGs? Part 1, Feb. 27 (Pascal Denis, Makiko Irie)
Readings: English and the Class of CFLs by Paul Postal and Terence Langendoen, English is not a CFL by James Higginbotham, On Two Recent Attempts to show that English is not a CFL by Geoff Pullum
Lecture [8]: An introduction to Linux, Mar. 6 (Marty Mayberry)
Lecture [9]: Are Natural Languages CFGs? Part 2, Mar. 20 (Rebecca Quigley, Jiun-Shiung Wu)
Readings: Cross-serial Dependencies in Dutch by Joan Bresnan, Ron Kaplan, Stan Peters, and Annie Zaenen, Evidence against the CF-ness of NL by Stuart Shieber
Lecture [10]: Introduction to MCSGs, Part 1, Mar. 27 (Inkyu Son)
Lecture [11]: Linguistic Application of TAGs, Part 2, Apr. 3 (Fred Hoyt, Rebecca Quigley)
Readings: Phrase Structure Composition and Syntactic Dependencies, Chs. 3 and 5, by Robert Frank, The Linguistic Relevance of Tree Adjoining Grammar ( local mirror) by Anthony Kroch and Aravind Joshi
Lecture [12]: MCSGs: Extensions, Part 3, Apr. 10 (Fred Hoyt), Alex Teodorescu)
Lecture [13]: MCSGs: Discourse TAGS, Part 4, Apr. 17 (Eric McCready, Brian Reese)
Readings: Discourse TAG by Claire Gardent, Anaphor and Discourse Semantics by Bonnie Lynn Webber
Lecture [14]: Hidden Markov Models, PCFGs, Apr. 24 (Robert Latham, Inkyu Son)
Reading: Chs. 1-3 and 5 from Statistical Language Learning by Eugene Charniak
Lecture [15]: The Complexity of Natural Language, Apr. 30 (Robert Latham, Alexis Palmer)
Reading: The Computational Complexity of Natural Language Recognition: a tutirial overview by Hans van de Koot
Lecture [16]: The Complexity of OT, May 1 (Willis Warren, Hong-Ming Yeh)
Readings: OT and the Generative Complexity of Constraint Violability by Robert Frank and Giorgio Satta, The Proper Treatment of OT in Computational Phonology by Lauri Karttunen
Fred Hoyt's survey of TAG resources
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Rajesh Bhatt