LIN 380L  Introduction to Syntax

Fall 2001
GAR 313, TTh 11.00-12.30
Unique # 38040

Rajesh Bhatt
Office Hours: CAL516, TTh 12.30-1.30 or by appointment

Shannon Finch
Office Hours: CAL525D, MW 2.00-3.30

Syllabus : (pdf file)
Text: Lecture Notes for an Introductory Syntax Course by Kyle Johnson
Lecture Notes (.pdf)
Lectures [1-3]: Introduction, Tests for Constituency
Lectures [4-5]: Phrase Structure Rules, Structure within the NP
Lectures [6-8]: Complements and Adjuncts, Structure within the IP
Lectures [9-10]: Case Theory
Lectures [11-12]: Expletives
Lectures [13-15]: A-movement, Control
Lectures [16-18]: Binding Theory I
Lectures [19-20]: Binding Theory II
Lectures [21-24]: A-bar Movement I
Lectures [25-27]: A-bar Movement II
Assignments (.pdf)
Assignment 1: Tree structures and constituency, due on Sep. 11, Solutions
Assignment 2: NP Structure , due on Sep. 20
Assignment 3: More on NP Structure, Auxiliaries , due on Sep. 27
Assignment 4: Case, due on Oct. 18
Midterm: Midterm Exam, on A-movement, due on Nov. 8
Assignment 5: Binding Theory, due on Nov. 27
Final: Final Exam, on A'-movement, due on Dec. 13
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Rajesh Bhatt