LINGUIST 601: Introduction to Transformational Grammar

Fall 2006
Herter 444, TTh 1.00-2.15

Rajesh Bhatt
224 South College, 577-0797
Office Hours: TTh 2.30-4.00 or by appointment


General Themes:
Universal Grammar, Parameters, Features, Constituency, Displacement, Locality, the model of the grammar
Global Questions:
How are linguistic structures built? Where do linguistic principles apply?
Specific Topics:
X-bar theory, Case, Binding, A-movement, A'-movement, and Head Movement

Useful Texts

David Adger, Core Syntax: A Minimalist Approach & Oxford, 2003, ISBN 0-19-924370-0
Mark Baltin and Chris Collins, editors, The Handbook of Contemporary Syntactic Theory, Blackwell, 2001, ISBN 0631205071
Martin Everaert and Henk van Riemsdijk, editors, The Syntax Companion, CDROM, Blackwell, 2006


Vigorous class paricipation, regular readings and homework assignments, a midterm exam and a final exam. Both the exams will be take home-exams.